A Discussion on How the Virus Could Drive Lasting Change in Society and What Actions You Can Take Today


Watch the Toffler Associates on-demand webinar on the coronavirus (COVID-19) for a discussion on how organizations can respond to the spread of the COVID-19 today and position themselves to thrive tomorrow. 

In this webinar, we discuss why unpredictability and uncertainty don’t have to go together. By examining a comprehensive view of society and possible behaviors triggered by the spread of the virus, organizations can recognize the potential landscape they will be operating within and plan paths to respond to disruption in that environment. This appreciation of and preparation for the future can create resilient organizations that have greater control over how they are impacted by this event.

We also share how impacts are converging with technological and behavioral trends to create a unique situation today. Finally, we describe how organizations can use scenario planning beyond traditional Business Continuity and Contingency Planning.

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About the Speakers:



Caitlin Durkovich, former Assistant Secretary of Infrastructure Protection at the Department of Homeland Security and former Toffler Associates director, brings a diverse set of experiences in managing preparedness and response associated to pandemics and other critical infrastructure threats. In January 2021, Caitlin left her position at Toffler Associates to join the White House's National Security Council as Senior Director for Resilience and Response.


Dan Fukushima has been assisting organizations identify, plan for, and capitalize on growth opportunities for over 30 years. He’s had an insider's perspective of industry disruption while working in the travel, telecommunications, retail, media, and consumer products industries. That experience allows him to monitor drivers of change and help organizations prepare for success in multiple possible futures.